Are you having difficulty selecting the perfect products from our eshop to complement your interior? Gain valuable insights from our interview with interior designer Jacquin Headen, where we discuss this and much more!

  • Before choosing colours for any interior. What should one think about first?
  • Considering the type of colours you like to wear in your wardrobe can be very helpful for determining which colours you would enjoy in your home. Do you love wearing bright colours? Then consider pops of vibrant colour in your interior. If you prefer primarily neutrals in your wardrobe, then you will likely love an interior space filled with neutral tones. It’s important to remember that neutrals don’t have to be boring when done in a way that creates a lot of visual interest. Look for items with a lot of texture and consider using different patterns within your neutral color palette. If you do go the neutral route when it comes to décor, don’t shy away from including at least one colourful vase! 


  • What are the rules to follow when it comes to interior colour combinations?
  • There truly aren’t any rules that one has to follow when it comes to selecting colours for your decor. Your interior space is very personal and is a reflection of your personality. The key is to fill your space with items you love! Curating a collection of items that capture what you enjoy will make your space unique and memorable. Starting with a foundation of chic furniture will be the canvas for your unique decorative items to shine next to. If you ever find yourself stuck when it comes to colour combinations, look to the colour wheel. Opposite colours can often be complementary like shades of green and violet work well together. 


  • What is the easiest way to inject colour into one's space?
  • Wall art and decorative objects like vases are my go-to when looking to boost the amount of colour in a space easily. I love that Klimchi’s vases are great options for adding both texture and colour to a space all at once. The vases are so beautiful that they can stand alone even when there aren’t flowers in the vase. In essence, the vase on its own is a beautiful work of art and a colourful object of interest. When it comes to wall art, as an abstract artist and designer, I love to pull out colours from my décor and create an abstract painting based on them. This creates a great custom look! My suggestion is to aim for at least one work of wall art in each room, otherwise the room may look incomplete. Not to mention, enjoying your favourite artwork in a space can bring you a lot of joy! 


  • What is the one thing you would recommend to a complete interior design beginner?
  • I mentioned making sure that you have some element of wall art in each space, but I would also add to that to make sure to decorate with plants and greenery. Plants in a space make a room come to life! Whenever I’ve completed a space with décor and furniture, but without plants, it always seems like something is missing. Mixing and matching plants of various heights, that are paired with stylish flowerpots, is always the best finishing touch, and it’s an easy addition for a beginner to accomplish. 


  • Why did you choose KLIMCHI pieces for your bedroom makeover? And why these two colours?

    I searched for the perfect vase for about a week before finding the Klimchi pieces I selected. I knew from the beginning that I wanted a textured vase, so when I came across Klimchi’s famous hobnail vases I knew I was in the right place. The texture was so striking and Klimchi had a fantastic range of colors available to choose from. The space I was decorating had dramatic dark turquoise curtains, so I knew that I wanted a Klimchi vase in the teal/turquoise family. For my second vase, I selected the large egg-shaped hobnail vase in light blue. The colour is beautiful, and you can see subtle changes in the shade of light blue depending on the lighting. This light blue vase was going to be placed in an area that required more subtle decor to make sure that the styling was not too busy, so a softer colour for the vase was ideal. I was so happy when my Klimchi vases arrived. They exceeded my expectations. Klimchi’s artisan quality and rich colours are just what I envisioned! 


    Jacquin Headen – Artist & Interior Designer – www.InteriorsbyJacquin.com

    Instagram: www.Instagram.com/InteriorsbyJacquin

    Photo credit: Esther Huynh 

    KLIMCHI, Interior designer, Jacquin HeadenKLIMCHI, Interior designer, Jacquin HeadenKLIMCHI, Interior designer, Jacquin Headen

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