Lofty Kolbenova opened a model apartment that blends the future with authentic industrial elements. 

The former ČKD factory in Prague's Vysočany district, under the guidance of the architectural studio Masák & Partner, is transforming into 215 apartments named Lofty Kolbenova. The architects respect the industrial nature of the site while combining it with 21st-century design elements. The interior is furnished with modern pieces from Czech and international brands, including the František Jungvirt designs of hand-blown glass for the glassware brand KLIMCHI.

"The purism of space, which breathes and is very airy, also underscores my work. I focus primarily on the lines of shapes, purity, and airiness. And these values precisely reflect the spaces of Lofty Kolbenova," says František Jungvirt, who is the creative director at KLIMCHI and innovates traditional elements of Czech glassmaking in his designs.

The model is a talented young actor Vojtěch Babišta who is collaborating with Lofty Kolbenova. He likes the combination of futuristic designed pieces with the industrial interior. Especially our new Lemon Bliss candle dazzled him. 

Photos by: @annapleslovaphotography

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